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Sources of funding

Sources of funding, an overview

Defra blog article presenting further information on the growth and rollout of our environmental land management schemes.   

With 259 options the Government has produced a summary of the options and details of the schemes available. Use this tool to search for options, supplements and capital items to include in your Countryside Stewardship application.

Defra blog that includes progress, priorities and plans for the coming years and update to scheme payment rates.

Policy paper on how farmers and land managers will be paid to deliver important outcomes for the climate and environment, alongside food production.

Policy paper updating the progress since the Agricultural Transition Plan was published in 2020. It sets out the plans and priorities for the next phase.

Further information

A voluntary guide that includes advice on how you could do the SFI actions for soils (SAM1, SAM2 and SAM3).

An important part of the resources section is linking openly to other websites which offers access to more detailed information and a chance to check out a different perspective. We select links we consider suitable and relevant to the subject and whilst external links are reviewed on a regular basis NIAB cannot accept responsibility for the content of external internet sites. The inclusion of a link should not be seen as an endorsement of that website or the site’s owners, products or services.

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