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Emotional Resilience and Confidence

David Hyner is a unique motivational speaker and facilitator on goal-setting and purpose. Over years of research, adventures and success, he has helped thousands of people to tap into the mindset of the worlds highest achievers and most effective performers, and use these principles to improve their own performance, improve wellbeing, prevent or manage stress levels, and reduce mild anxiety.

The courses are hosted on the Stretch Development website. The first time you click on one of the explore course buttons you will be taken to a page showing a 100% discount on the cost of the course. Enter your email address and it is up to you whether you want to subscribe to their email mailing list or not. Clicking complete my purchase will take you to the screen opposite. All this is doing is creating your own personal training space and you will only have to do this once because if you explore another course, it will be added to your dashboard. You will also receive an email from Stretch Development (you may need to check your junk mail folder) which will contain a link to the course in your dashboard.

The courses are free to those who have registered for support. Please use the explore course buttons below for free access. We are not able to remunerate you if you sign up for a course using a different route.

If you have any problems or would like to do the courses without completing the registration process let me know at

The times given below give a rough guide to the total length of the videos in each course and not necessarily the time it will take to complete the training.

We hope you find the courses useful and entertaining.

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Wellbeing and stress management (Part 1)

The comprehensive beginners guide to improving wellbeing, preventing or managing stress levels, and reducing mild anxiety.

30 Videos
110 minutes

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Wellbeing and stress management (Part 2)

The comprehensive guide for intermediate level students to improve wellbeing, prevent or manage stress levels and reduce mild anxiety.

16 Videos
80 minutes

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How To Set & Achieve MASSIVE Goals Offer

This course blows the myth out of the water that we should be setting "realistic & achievable" goals...

The course is for those with a goal to achieve or a BIG SCARY project that needs achieving and it shares with you how you will be able to think and behave like the "super successful" do when setting their goals.

14 Videos
84 minutes

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How To Make A Great First Impression

This course gives you the basic skills and confidence to make an great first impression every time. As you gain in confidence you will read other peoples body language with ease to enable you to communicate more effectively with almost anybody, anywhere, anytime.

5 Videos
30 minutes

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PURPOSE ! How to find your "why"?

Is what you are thinking of doing... what you are "meant" to be doing?

Is it "right" for you, as a person, to be doing?

Purpose is a reason to do what you do and this game changer of a course can lead you to be able to;

  • Make decisions, KNOWING if it is right for you to do or not.

  • Know if what you are doing right now is right for you?

  • Understand yourself at a level very few people ever get to experience.

  • Have a statement by which you can operate on a daily basis to keep you bang on track!

12 Videos
70 minutes

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