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Just for Farmers

We are working with David Hyner and Paul Harris to develop a webinar and podcast series. David Hyner of Stretch Development is a unique motivational speaker and facilitator on goal-setting and purpose, and Paul Harris of Real Success,  consultants helping farmers manage the whole people's life-cycle from finding the right people for your business, helping you grow them so they will stay longer and motivating them to perform at their best.

The webinars are a relaxed and fun series of presentations that cover some serious topics that may help you make your busines more effective and help you become a happier farmer.


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Just for farmers (Part 1)

Why it is important to have purpose


In the first video in the second series of Just For Farmers David and Paul are joined again by James Bacon a.k.a The Body Fix Coach who this season will be doing regular slots looking at fitness and wellbeing, have a short discussion about the fear of change, and introduce Amy Rowlinson who is an expert on purpose. Without purpose life is a bit of a drag, it is doing stuff rather than knowing why you are doing it and once you know why life becomes easier and far more fulfilling.

Just for farmers (Part 2)

Man management, effectiveness and well-being

Continuing the topics discussed in part 1 looking at your team, their personality styles and how to get the best out of them before starting to look at effectiveness. Are you a cow or a rhino? How do you become more rhino?

Just for farmers (Part 3)

Goal setting and planning

Plan your goals the way top achievers do, to achieve more both day to day and on creating massive goal. This topic is covered in more details in the course "How To Set & Achieve MASSIVE Goals" Access this course and others on the Emotional Resilience and Confidence page. The courses are free to those who have registered for support. Please use the explore course buttons below for free access. We are not able to remunerate you if you sign up for a course using a different route.

Just for farmers (Part 4)

1. Interviewing and recruitment: how to hire the right people.

A challenging task is trying to find the right people for your farm and then once they show interest in the business, how do you interview them effectively to make sure they are the best fit for your team.

2. In the second part (32 minutes) of this episode of Just for Farmers, David is joined by James Bacon a.k.a The Body Fix Coach, who is much more than just a personal trainer, he helps people to ultimately get out of pain. Using a few simple exercises, we can do that could transform our wellbeing.

The information provided in this podcast does not provide advice to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. All content is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Just for farmers (Part 5)

1. An interview with Perthshire farmer and comedian Jim Smith to talk about his experiences and advice on diversification and life beyond farming.

2. Imposter syndrome the persistent inability to believe that the success you have achieved is deserved or has been achieved as a result of your own efforts or skills. In the second section David and Paul explore this looking at how it can impact on your business, how to avoid it and how to rebuild your confidence.

Just for farmers (Part 6)

Recruitment interviews, and emotional wellbeing with James Ainsworth


The interview process. You have developed a good process of identifying the best fit for your business and your team. In this part, David and Paul talk about doing your part to ensure you get the best candidate to fill the post.

In the second half of this part of Just for farmers, James Ainsworth, an expert on resilience and wellbeing, joins David to discuss his experiences of diversification, reconnecting with himself and becoming healthier and more resilient, and gives some advice on journey.

Just for farmers (Part 7)

Next Generations and Family Business Practice


David and Paul discuss working with younger people on your farm, especially recognising that they may be different to you, how to accept this and making sure you create an inclusive environment.

They then have a discussion with Peter Roper, the founder of the Family Business Practice, a business consultant with a wealth of experience, and is an authority in family business.

Just for farmers (Part 8)

David and Paul are in conversation with James Cantrill, a farmer in Staffordshire talking about his life in farming and politics, including the importance of diversification, innovation and change. In the second half of this session David is in conversation with Bill Young, former head of the Addington Fund (and much more!.

Just for farmers (Part 9)

Presentation skills


There are many opportunities where you can present yourself or represent your business, whether that is to a group in the community, a formal gathering or at a trade show. In this episode, David and Paul discuss and give tips on how to make a good presentation (and we are not talking about making pretty PowerPoint slides), showing yourself to be full of confidence no matter how hard the butterflies are kicking and how to keep your audience fully engaged.

Just for farmers (Part 10)

A to Z of diversification and Mindset with Darren Harris.


In the first part of this video David sets a challenge for you to consider a range of options to diversify your business by brainstorming an A to Z of ideas. Most of the ideas may be impractical and too far left-field but who knows what moment of genius it could spark. In the second part of the video David is joined by Paul and they are in discussion with Darren Harris, multi-disciplined para-Olympian, psychologist and public speaker who inspires people to overcome difficulties and adversity in business, education and their personal life.

Just for farmers (Part 11)

Innovation & Sustainability with Jules Morgan


David and Paul are in conversation with Jules Morgan. Not the actress, but former power boat racer, Queens Award winner, World record holder, entrepreneur in the engineering sector and world-renowned marine design engineer with particular interest in innovation and sustainability.

Just for farmers (Part 12)

Emotional wellbeing

Throughout the series there have been discussions on wellbeing, mental health and personal resilience. David closes the series talking to Andrew Pain, an expert and authority on the subject.

Whether you are a farmer or farming family member in need of support, or an advisor working with farmers who may need help, there are many support organisations available. For more information visit the health and wellbeing resources section and look for the blogs from Sarah Nyczaj-Kyle.

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