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Achieving net zero - meeting the climate change challenge

This article provides an overview of:

  • How the farming industry is in a position to be part of the solution to climate change

  • What the NFU is calling for to help farmers work towards implementing solutions

  • Changes you can make on farm as part of your day-to-day business decisions

Cool Farm Alliance (Cool Farm Tool)

An online greenhouse gas, water and biodiversity calculator for farming

Delivering nature-based solutions

Innovative thinking and astute decision-making will help businesses build long-term success and resilience. Exploring new markets can offer new income streams, but land managers still have a lot of questions around the practicality of delivering nature-based solutions.

Effects of multifunctional margins implementationon biodiversity in annual crops

Multifunctional Margins (MFM), the establishment of native flora margins adjacent to croplands, provide a semi-natural habitat for food and wildlife refuge. Three different species mixtures sown in MFM were studied in this paper.

Farm carbon toolkit

Farm carbon toolkit are committed to supporting farmers and organisations to understand and take action on their farm’s carbon emissions. The website offers resources and advice to enable farmers and companies to build their expertise and confidence to improve their environmental impacts.

Farming for a better climate

FFBC is run by SRUC on behalf of the Scottish Government and provides practical support to benefit the farm and help reduce our impact on the climate.

Reducing ammonia emissions on livestock and arable farms

Championing the Farm Environment (CFE) has been created to help farmers and land managers choose the right environmental measures to protect soil, water and air quality, and benefit wildlife. In this short booklet they consider ways the actions required to reduce ammonia losses from agriculture

Spotlight: Nature-based solutions. Investing in nature to tackle the challenges facing society

This Spotlight examines the leading examples of nature-based solutions for land managers in the UK, plus the underlying drivers for environmental action, sources of finance and the services that nature can offer in both urban and rural settings.g society. 

The Go-to-guide for reducing GHG emissions

This guide aims to make reducing farm greenhouse gas footprints easier to understand and implement by:

  1. Providing easy to understand information for agricultural businesses

  2. Demonstrating a pathway to success through simple steps that farmers can take now and into the future with signposting to further resources and tips

  3. Helping to prioritise what action to take and when

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