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Poor weather assistance guidance

If your land has been affected by the recent flooding from Storm Babet, there may be a need to let the RPA know, but don’t worry, cases should be dealt with sympathetically and efficiently.


If land is only temporarily flooded – generally, there will be no need to do anything regarding any agreements you have with Defra/RPA.

If land is more badly damaged by flooding, such that it may no longer be usable for the purposes you were using it for, usually a ‘force majeure’ or ‘good reason’ variation will come into force. This should mean you will not be expected to fulfil all your original obligations, whether it be for BPS, SFI, or other Agri-environment schemes.

If land has been permanently lost or altered due to such things as river bank erosion or land slips, you may need to adjust your farm’s digital maps. This is usually a relatively simple process and does not need to be done immediately, but may need to be done within 8 weeks of realising you have a problem that requires a permanent change to your agreement, this includes for BPS claims.

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