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Is it time to think about growing rice?

Whilst the weather has been wet enough it is perhaps a step too far, although sitting in a meeting looking at underpinning England's Paludiculture Roadmap to food/feed crops that should be prioritised for agronomy/breeding development for paludiculture systems in the UK, rice (paddy, red and wild) was considered.


In the latest podcast and the updated Just for farmers video 10, David Hymer sets a challenge for you to consider a range of options to diversify your business using an innovative way of looking at things by brainstorming an A to Z of ideas to help you think about how you could diversify your business and install a sustainable replacement to your business model.

Have a session within your business, or within your family or with mates down the pub and generate an A to Z list. Most of the ideas will be unrealistic but then you could come up with one idea that just might work and be worth researching further.

Has growing rice made it on to your list?

The Just for Farmers video series (go to part 10 for the A to Z of diversification)

Or listen to teh A to Z of diversification podcast (Just for farmers part 13)

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