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The animal health and welfare infrastructure grant

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Grants of between £15,000 and £500,000 are available for large infrastructure projects that help to improve the health and welfare of animals.


Initially, the grant will be available for cattle keepers to co-fund new and upgraded calf housing that improves social contact and the ambient environment.

  • This grant represents an opportunity to fund changes on farm that will improve productivity and futureproof calf housing.

  • Upgrading or building new calf housing with an ambient environment will help to produce healthy calves that are more likely to be resilient and productive in later life.

  • Better housing providing a comfortable temperature, protection from humidity and draughts, as well as allowing social contact between animals.

Later the offer will include grants for adult cattle, pig and poultry housing.

Included in the grant is funding for:

  • An A-frame building to house dairy calves from birth to weaning,

  • A mono-pitch building on a beef unit to house calves between 3-6 months.

  • Permanent open-sided structures with igloos/hutches and other types of calf housing.

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