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Government Invests in Rural Internet Connectivity

The Government have announced a new £7 million fund to test out new ways to bring together satellite, wireless and fixed line internet connectivity, helping support farmers to access lightning fast, reliable connectivity in remote areas for the first time.


The fund is one of a broad range of steps the government is taking to boost rural communities on housing, transport and digital connectivity.

The new approaches will help rural businesses in trial areas make the most of new agricultural technologies by improving connectivity on their land. Using new drone technology to monitor crops and livestock in real-time, support landscape and wildlife conservation efforts, or develop interactive experiences for tourists.#

The new fund comes alongside the government’s commitment earlier this year to deliver improved, high-speed broadband via satellite connectivity for up to 35,000 homes in the most remote parts of the UK through an £8 million grant scheme, giving remote areas a broadband connection that will be up to ten times faster than is currently available to them.

The new fund is part of new plans called Unleashing Rural Opportunity.

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