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Sources of funding

Sustainable Farm Incentive 2023 (SFI 2023)

A source of funding for all farmers who previously received fincancial support via the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS). Applications can be made at any time of the year. Payments are quarterly. The scheme is centred around applicants choosing to undertake various 'options'.
All options are a form of environmental management or an agricultural practice aimed at improving environmental sustainability of agricultural practices. Full details of the scheme options and application process can be found in the SFI Handbook.

which SFI actions in the SFI 2023 offer you can do on different types of eligible land and features, and if the areas can move around your farm.

Videos developed by the RPA to help you apply for an SFI agreement

A colletion of guides on the Defra website providing what you need to know to get paid under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) and how to apply for this funding.

Other information

Options that involve doing a plan (SAM1, MOR1, HRW1, IPM1, NUM1),

  • Plans need to be done in year one and updated annually.

  • IPM1 and NUM1 need input from a qualified person, but are not a 'per ha' payment.

  • Evidence needs to be kept to demonstrate completion of option actions and aims.Exactly how much evidence and in what form, is usually the applicant's choice.

  • Multiple options can be claimed on the same parcel of land, so long as it will not involve being paid twice for the same action, (either within SFI or another scheme), the relevant actions are all able to be done and the land is eligible for the options.

  • Most rotational options (See table 2 in Handbook) can be increased or decreased in area each year.

  • For rotational options, or options that you can choose to be rotational, the area managed can be kept the same, altered upwards or altered downwards each year.

  • The area can be managed upwards or downwards by up to 50% each year. If altering downwards, the area must be at least 50% of what it was in the first year of your agreement.

  • Common land can be entered into SFI, but has to be done separately to SFI on non-common land.

  • If a common land SFI agreement benefits two or more people an additonal payment of £6.15 /ha will be paid to cover admin. costs.

  • In addition to the payments for options, a management payment of £20 /ha for up to 50 ha of land management based options will be paid annually.

We could spend time developiong this but the NFU have it covered.  A really useful source of information and comment

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