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Sources of funding

Soil management

The SFI actions for soils are focused on improving soil health, structure, organic matter and biology. They include:

  • SAM1: Assess soil, produce a soil management plan and test soil organic matter

  • SAM2: Multi-species winter cover crops (see separate link above)

  • SAM3: Herbal leys

These actions can help with the long-term productivity and resilience of the soil to benefit food production. They can also provide environmental benefits, such as better water quality, improved climate resilience and increased biodiversity.



Excel-based tool that uses soil analysis results for core soil health indicators and compares them to typical ranges for UK soil types and climate regions

Other information

This simple, quick test assesses soil structure based on the appearance and feel of a block of soil dug out with a spade.

A practical guide to soil assessment. Aiming to help recognise problems with erosion and runoff from agricultural land.

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