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New ELMs details of actions and payments in England

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Farmers could get funding for up to 280 actions that protect the environment according to the new Government information released today.

Farmers planning for the future in England, will be able to receive government funding for up to 280 different actions that protect the environment, according to the announcement on Thursday 26 Jan 2023; by applying for the government incentives, called the Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMs), worth £2.4bn a year in this parliament.

The new payment plans have taken five years to develop and are a post-Brexit replacement for the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The old incentives were based mainly on the area farmed, the overhaul is meant to reward farmers for protecting nature and improving the environment. The new prospectus allows farmers to “stack” different payments and incentives for their farms, fulfilling the promise of “public money for public goods”. From managing peatland to cultivating hedges, the government is directly funding the changes they want farmers to adopt.

Rates of payment for most of the 280 measures are in over 100 pages in a document which covers almost every aspect of farming towards environmentally sensitive farming objectives IPM and reducing pollution so that farming focus moves to becoming more environmentally sustainable, whilst balancing increased food production.

Applications for some of the ELMs payments will open in February 2023, with others following later this year and some next year. The application and payment systems has been streamlined so that farmers can complete the forms in less than an hour.

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