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Easy Access to DEFRA Rules for Farmers and Land Managers

New Search options for the legal rules that apply when you keep livestock or managing land have been launched on 27th March 2023. Once you have found the rules that apply to your farm, contact NIAB to sign up to have a farm assessment and a NIAB, Savills or AKC farm consultant can help you navigate the funds available and how to apply.

There are legal requirements around certain farming activities to protect people, livestock and the environment. The rules in cross compliance still apply and you must follow those rules on your holding to receive rural payments in full.



Protect animal health and welfare


Protect the environment if you keep livestock


Manage land that you own or occupy


Use pest control products


Apply products to your land


Produce plant varieties and seeds


Change to organic farming


Protect landscape features


Manage trees and woodland


Manage water


Manage and dispose of waste


Make compost, biogas, fertiliser or animal feed


Import, export or distribute animals and food

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