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Policy and funding schemes

Environmental land management schemes: details of actions and payments

Defra blog article presenting further information on the growth and rollout of our environmental land management schemes.   

Environmental Land Management update: how government will pay for land-based environment and climate goods and services

Policy paper on how farmers and land managers will be paid to deliver important outcomes for the climate and environment, alongside food production.

Countryside Grant Finder

With 259 options the Government has produced a summary of the options and details of the schemes available. Use this tool to search for options, supplements and capital items to include in your Countryside Stewardship application.

SFI handbook for 2023

Updated SFI handbook for 2023 with some minor adjustments to some of the details of the standards

Guidance on how to do the SFI actions for soils

A voluntary guide that includes advice on how you could do the SFI actions for soils (SAM1, SAM2 and SAM3).

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