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The future farming community section of the website gives access to resources we are developing specifically for those businesses who have registered for support from NIAB, AKC and Savills.

Register for support

As part of the Future Farming Resilience Fund, we will work with you in a programme of on-farm consultations tailored to address your aims including:

Farm-specific appraisal of your SFI options

Discussing your challenges and exploring opportunities

In-depth analysis of business specific issues

Interaction with other farmers’ experiences

Support for personal resilience in challenging times.

To find out more click here >>
or contact Greg Crawford 07453 965836 or email:

“It was really useful to have a visit from
NIAB to carry out a farm business review;
it was almost like a business health check
to identify areas for improvement that we
are now focusing on. NIAB’s Sustainability
Farming Incentive (SFI) calculator has
proven very useful in exploring various
scenarios when putting together a plan
ready for the SFI launch in August.”
William Taylor, Northumberland


Events, workshops and group activities

The approach being taken by NIAB, Savills and AKC to offer support and business advice is to provide one-to-one business consultations to identify your unique business requirements to help you achieve the objective of developing a healthy, financially sound, and environmentally sustainable business. As part of the package being offered we will provide an opportunity for you to join us and relevant subject area experts at various events held around the country and online.

Latest news and views

To be informed is to be empowered and this particularly true as we move this transition phase. Throughout the FFRF scale-up phase we will keep you up to date with current news, tips and advice to help ensure a sustainable future for your business. We also recommend that you register with the Defra future farming blog any announcements etc. are usually posted here first.

Most recent posts


There is plenty of information, tools and advice available that may be of use to you during the transition phase and beyond. Please feel free to explore our library, if you have anything that you think will be of interest, please let us know (

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